I have recently become very interested in my family’s history.

Little is known about our branch of the Harlacker family tree, except that my 2nd great grandmother came from Austria, was named Victoria, and had at least one son, John Gerald Harlacker. My father knows a story or two about her, but no facts. We don’t even know the name of her husband or her other children, if any. Apparently, her husband stayed behind in Austria.

My paternal grandfather and grandmother both died when I was too young to have a serious interest in our history, and while my father and aunt survive, they know little about that side of the family. More is known about my grandmother’s line, and there is at least one person on ancestry who seems to have taken a serious interest in them.

My maternal grandmother is still with us, though she lives on the other side of the country and can be difficult to talk to on the phone. My maternal grandfather died almost 20 years ago, but some of his tree is documented and may actually lead back to the first families of Pennsylvania.

I have been looking for a purpose for this website since I bought the domain, and I think a family history site is the answer.

If you’re here looking at the site, I’d love to know who you are.

Please reach out.